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When it comes to cheap auto insurance Arlington TX residents come
to us every day. Why do they come to us for their cheap car insurance in Arlington TX?
More About US Get in touch Welcome HRA TAX INSURANCE
LIFE INSURANCE When looking for low rate insurance Arlington TX residents come to us.
Many of us do not know why you should buy life insurance and what
the benefits of it are. Life insurance is bought when you want to ensure
that the dependents in your family won’t be financially affected after
your passing.
More About Us Get in touch Welcome HRA TAX INSURANCE


HRA Tax Insurance makes doing your taxes and finding the right insurance package easy as pie! We have been a part of this business since 2013, and we are glad to say that we’ve helped thousands of people ever since. We provide insurance consultants and tax preparers to people residing in Irving, Texas, and surrounding areas like Arlington. So whether you need auto insurance Arlington TX residents rely on or a CPA in Irving, HRA Tax Insurance is the best place for you.


You might be thinking, “every company says that they’re the best,” but only a few can prove it. Let us show you why we are the best: 

We are a group of licensed and authorized dealers, so, whatever we do is 100% legitimate. For people who require legal Arlington car insurance or a CPA based in Irving, HRA Tax Insurance is waiting to help you.

Our customers have been happy with our service since the day we started. Most people that come to us for insurance or taxes come through referrals of their friends and acquaintances.

Unlike most companies that provide Arlington car insurance or tax filing services, our procedures are 100% transparent. We believe that it’s your first and foremost right to know what’s going on.

At HRA Tax Insurance, our policies are in favor of the clients, which is one major reason as to why we maintain our client’s trust. 

We stay available for our clients as much as possible whether it is early in the morning or late at night. We are always here to serve you.



At some point or another, we have all wondered why we have to pay taxes. While most of us know that it’s important, no one tells us why. Here is the answer:

Taxes play a big role in building a nation. When you file your taxes regularly, the government collects them and uses them to sketch out programs that would provide you maximum relief, such as healthcare programs, security provisions and educational provisions. These are all funded by the taxes that you pay. In the easiest words, it is impossible for the government to run a state without taxes. 

Employment programs, home loan subsidies, pension schemes, and other such programs launched by the governments run through taxes. These programs are extremely important for different sectors of society, such as welfare. There are many people who rely on welfare to feed and house their families, so your taxes help ensure that they are safe and sound. 

By paying your taxes regularly, you play a major part in helping the government to successfully run these programs.

Healthcare and education provisions from the government also eat up a big chunk of your taxes. Some states have a larger number of senior citizens than others, so how much taxes these provisions require may vary. The healthcare programs that cover your medical and drug expenses at a much cheaper rate than the market get funds from these taxes.
Similarly, the government schools and scholarships for colleges and universities also require funds that are fulfilled through these taxes. You may feel like your money is going to waste, but trust us, taxes will help you sooner or later.
At HRA Tax Insurance, we educate you about all the positive and negative aspects of your taxes and return files throughout the preparation. Our tax preparers come from different educational backgrounds and are highly skilled. Moreover, we keep you updated about recent trends and changes in policies by the government.


Our lives and property are continuously at risk. Death, disability, or destruction don’t come with an announcement; therefore, these risks might lead you to big financial losses that might result in even worse outcomes.
Insurance companies like HRA Tax Insurance are to provide you relief. Below are some common types of insurances:

When it comes to cheap auto insurance Arlington TX residents come to us every day. Why do they come to us for their cheap car insurance in Arlington TX? For every car owner, it is important to get affordable auto insurance because these insurances can protect you against any sudden losses that you might face. Sudden accidents happen all the time. 

At HRA Tax Insurance, we provide aseguranzas de carros en Dallas TX that cover up for damages that your car may face after natural calamities like earthquakes or road accidents. Some of our aseguranzas de carros en Dallas TX packages also supplement third-party liabilities too because sometimes you have to pay the other party after an accident.

When looking for low rate insurance Arlington TX residents come to us. Many of us do not know why you should buy life insurance and what the benefits of it are. Life insurance is bought when you want to ensure that the dependents in your family won’t be financially affected after your passing.

This type of insurance is extremely important if you’re the sole breadwinner for your entire family. We are providing low cost health insurance to aid our client’s families if they do pass away during the term of insurance.  

We provide cheap insurance in Arlington TX to cover your and your family members’ health. These insurances majorly cover the medical costs of policyholders, and many expensive treatments can cost very low if you hold health insurance. 

At HRA Tax Insurance, we have many generic health insurance packages and many specific disease insurance packages. You are free to choose according to your need and budget.

We have lots of cheap insurance packages that cover your child’s education expenses. These packages are a great way to compile a big lump sum amount for your child once they reach the point where they require it.

Under education insurance, your child is assured or the beneficiary of the funds, while you, as a parent/legal guardian, are the owner of the policy.

Everyone dreams of having a personal space under their name that they can refer to as “home”. Property insurance insures your home against any possible damages, like fire, earthquake damage, etc. At HRA tax Insurance we provide the best-suited deals for different clients.



There is a very vast spread misconception that CPAs and insurance consultants are only necessary for businessmen or people who have large incomes. However, there’s much more to these services. 
It’s completely true that CPAs and insurance consultants assist businesses to bigger extents, but that doesn’t make them useless for individuals. Everyone should know how to manage their income and invest it.
To receive the best  auto insurance Irving TX  residents come to us because they know that they will also have access to experienced CPAs (whether you earn $1000 or $10,000). HRA Tax Insurance is here for all.


Here is a list of all the benefits you get by hiring a tax preparer;

Better Tax Credits

A CPA knows about their subject, so they can always provide you with better filing tips that can elevate your tax credits. With a CPA, you are always ahead of the game on taxes. By paying your taxes regularly, you play a major part in helping the government to successfully run these programs.

Property Planning

Even when you are working full time, it can still be difficult to purchase a home - but CPAs can make it easier for you. They can guide you to a path where buying a house before retirement seems easy.

Your Retirement Planning

All of us dream of cozy houses by the beach, but many of us do not know how to fulfill them. A CPA can assist you with proper planning that will lead to the fulfillment of your dreams.

Record Keeping

CPAs assist with record keeping/audit preparation, so you are fully secure when filing your taxes.


Here is a list of all the benefits you get by hiring an insurance consultant;

Consider that you’re asking for car insurance , but you have a very tight budget. Our consultant won’t go about discussing all the different packages, but will only show you cheap car insurance Arlington TX residents can afford.
We design cheap car insurance Arlington TX residents deserve while keeping the input low and outcome high as much as possible.

Are you planning to buy a car? It’s a good time to start looking for car insurance Fort Worth customers can count on. If you’re looking for car insurance in either Fort Worth or Arlington, HRA tax insurance is a great place for you. We provide you with cheap auto insurance Arlington TX residents prefer and policies that provide you coverage. 

Everyone majorly focuses on one outcome from a policy, which may lead them into worse outcomes. When one comes to HRA Tax Insurance for auto insurance Irving TX customers are shown relevant options. In addition, we will tell you all details about car insurance  packages before you choose one.
Our job is to serve the people and provide them with relief. When it comes to car insurance Fort Worth customers should come visit us! 

Insurance providers can walk you through various options thoroughly. In regards to car insurance Arlington TX  residents should speak to a professional because they will see that they’ve deeper knowledge about the policies than other people.

What People are Saying

Our customers do the talking for us.

"Working with HRA for my auto insurance was the best decision I made, they are easy to communicate with, they make it easy to understand my options, and their pricing is very affordable. They have a customer for life!"
Ricardo Owens
"I really don't know much about handling my taxes, it's always been the toughest thing for me being a small business owner, but HRA took care of it all for me so I could just continue working on what I love without having to worry about how much I need to save for taxes."
Rhonda Key


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